Pensacola Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Pensacola Work Comp Attorney

Many people who have suffered a work injury do not fully understand their rights and obligations for filing a workers' compensation claim. Many times they either settle for less than they deserve from their insurance company or they do not receive maximum benefits they need to make a full recovery. To protect your right to receive fair compensation, you should consult with a skilled Pensacola workers' compensation attorney.

My name is Jon B. Gann, and I represent clients throughout the Florida Panhandle and Arkansas who have suffered serious injuries on the job. As a Florida personal injury attorney, I know what it takes to ensure you receive the compensation and time off you need to fully recover after an accident in the workplace. I work directly with you from start to finish to obtain maximum compensation for work injuries.

What I Do

Many times people do not fully understand all the benefits they are entitled to receive in a workers' compensation claim. Their confusion is further complicated when employers' insurance companies attempt to minimize costs by refusing compensation for continued care or rehabilitation. I represent workers who have suffered injuries on the job such as:

  • Back injuries from heaving lifting
  • Lacerations or broken bones
  • Slips and falls
  • Burn injuries
  • Chemical-related injuries
  • Inhalation injuries from poisonous gas or toxic fumes

I only represent injured people. I do not represent insurance companies or employers involved in workers' compensation claims. I work hard to protect your right to receive compensation for medical expenses and vocational rehabilitation. I work with medical experts and doctors who can assess whether you are entitled to certain indemnity benefits for temporary, partial or permanent disability. I am never afraid to represent your interests in court if it means protecting your rights. Whatever the case, I fight for your right to achieve a full recovery.

Protecting Your Right to Full Recovery

If you have been involved in a work accident, no matter how small, you should contact a skilled Florida workers' compensation lawyer right away. Contact my office online or call 850-308-5447 or toll free at 888-818-1292 to schedule a no-cost, no-obligations consultation. When you hire me, you hire me — not a paralegal or associate. I work with you directly from start to finish.